Third-Party Fundraisers

Support us

If you have a passion for KCCC and want to host a fundraiser on our behalf, thank you! A third-party fundraiser is a great way to raise extra money for your favorite nonprofit organization: Key City Creative Center! Here are some examples:

  • House Party
  • Concert
  • Brewery Tasting Event
  • Classes
  • Many more

Be creative and have fun with this!

Questions to consider

Here are some questions to consider first:

  1. Does the fundraiser align with our mission?
  2. Does the group planning the fundraiser align with our organization’s values?
  3. Will our supporters be invited to the fundraiser? [Ideally, third-party fundraisers should target a separate audience from your donors, bringing in new people to learn about your organization’s work. In short, third parties should bring in people from their network, not depend on you to tap your network.]
  4. What is your organization’s role? Will you sell tickets? Cover any of the costs? Take a lead role in marketing and promotion? [Ideally, the third party should take on the full responsibility for planning and execution of the fundraiser, but there may be times when it makes sense to offer a bit of assistance.]
  5. How will proceeds be allocated to our organization?

Please contact us

If you'd like to host a fundraiser on our behalf, please contact us.