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We are Adding Classes All The Time

What would you like to learn?  Do you want to learn: basic welding,  woodworking, basic metal working. basic car upkeep, sewing/quilting, basic home repiars, or pyrography (woodburning)?

If there is something else that you would like to learn, let us know so we can organize a class.

Coming events

We are close to having a Grand Opening, but in the mean time, members can start using the facility


Tell us what you think!

Current deals

Nothing yet

Equipment that is available:

Complete woodworking shop



Four post car lift

South Bend engine lathe w/taper attachment

Laser Engraver

3-D printer

CNC router

Ceramics kiln and potters wheel

Pyorgraphy pens

Library-break room-classroom-wireless internet

Sewing coming soon!

Glass cutting-screen repair


Paper Cutting Machine

Would you like to donate equipment?  Send us an email or call.


How much does membership cost? KCCC currently offers the following options: 

Full-Time Membership - $50/mo. includes 24/7 access into the space and one shelf/locker of personal storage space. 

Spouse/Immediate Family Member - $20/mo. additional per person for a second key fob and matching membership status. No additional storage space. 

Full-Time Membership Yearly Discount - $55/12/mo. You save $50 by paying for a whole year at once.  

How do I become a member? If you're interested, please arrange a visit by calling (563) 599-2915 and leave a message. We'll give you a tour, answer your questions, and introduce you to some of our members. If you decide to pursue a membership, we'll give you a membership application form to take home and fill out. We ask that you visit us one additional time to complete the sign up process. All new members must be vetted and confirmed by two current members and one board member. You must be present to turn in your completed membership application. Forms left with other members or placed in the Mail Drop Box will not be accepted.   

May I buy someone a gift membership? We do not offer any pre-paid gift memberships. If you think a family member or friend would be an awesome new community member, encourage them to and make an appointment for a tour. 

Can I apply online? Short answer: No.
Longer answer: Maybe in the future we'll create a form to get the process started, but currently we only sign up new members at the Space and in person. Meeting people face-to-face helps you get a feel for our group and helps us get a feel for you. Each new member is formally endorsed by a current member to ensure we've had a chance to answer any questions they may have and adequately review our policies. 

Do I have to have an email address? Short answer: Yes.
Longer answer: An email address is needed for correspondence and invoices. Remember that we are a volunteer organization and we do not have any employees. At 200+ members, asking us to call by phone or send letters through the mail is something we simply don't have the time or resources to do. Thankfully, setting up a free email account online is relatively easy. 

How can I pay my dues? Pay by check to:  Key City Creative Center   

What if I don't want to become a member, but I still want to hangout? That's cool! There are several people we consider “Friends of the Space” as well as regular guests. Some people have expressed guilt that they can't afford the dues or can't make the time to use a membership regularly or they live too far away. You can still participate on the mailing list, attend meetings and events, however for liability reasons you are considered a guest and will not be able to use any tools or equipment. 

Where do your tools come from? We are providing new/good used equipment, please take good care of them treat them as you would your own. You can also bring in your own tools.   

What if I want to bring in tools for my own use only? That's fine too, but we'll ask that you mark your property with your name or initials and keep those tools separate from the rest of the group's. You'll need to keep them in your personal storage space.

 I have this tool I want to bring in! Who do I talk to? The Board of Directors will review any large equipment being proposed, if the board is in agreement. (i.e. anything that you need help to lift should be discussed before you bring it in) and decide if it's useful to the group. Your proposal may be turned down if we don't have space, don't have the money to install it, don't believe it would be used often, or we already have a similar tool. 

How do I get checked out or trained on equipment? We provide training/testing to be trained on a particular machine.  I love you guys! 

How do I donate tools/money/stuff? KCCC is a non-stock corporation operating in the State of Iowa. We are recognized as a 501©(3) non-profit educational charity. If you would like to make a donation please send an email or call (563) 599-2915 

I want to bring some friends/family by to see the place! Great! Members can bring two guests to KCCC. All guests must sign the guest liability waiver. Members must supervise their guests at all times. Guests must be at least 18 years of age. 

Can my friend help me with my project, even if they're not a member? Unfortunately, due to legal and safety concerns, guests cannot use any power tools or machinery. Your friend can certainly be in the Space and assist you with your project as well as use hand tools provided they fill out the Guest Liability Form. 

Do you have any events for kids? For other kid-friendly events and workshops, please consider the following groups: 

Carnegie/Stout Public Library,   

Creative Adventure Lab,  

Whoa, I see something that doesn't look safe! What do I do?? Tell someone! Even if you're not certain it's a problem, it's better to err on the side of caution than let it go. Find a member or someone on the Board of Directors the moment you spot something and let them know. If you're a member and you aren't sure about something, you can call (563) 599-2915 or contact a board member. Unplug that machine, wrap that sharp edge with tape or foam, or leave a note on that item to let people know what's going on and then tell someone. We also have red, hard plastic “lockout tags” that can be zip-tied to tools and machines. 

 Whoa, I see someone doing something that doesn't look safe! What do I do?? SAY SOMETHING, Talk to the person doing what you consider unsafe and let them know. Just say “Hey, I am not sure that is the safest way to do that.” No one should be offended by this. We all want to avoid damaging equipment and ourselves. We're all here to learn, and if we can learn to be safer by watching out for each other, that's a good thing. If someone dismisses your concerns, please confer with another member or members in the space at the time. Also consider contacting the Board of Directors. What sorts of things could be unsafe? Failure to wear proper safety gear (personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, earplugs, etc.) Misuse of tools and equipment (get trained, know how to use a tool and its limits) Heavy or large items (ask for help) Rotating machinery Open flames High voltage Dangerous chemicals Unstable or poorly supported items (use clamps, jacks, lifts properly) Ladders, lifts, and scaffolding Sharp objects (knives, saws, blades, drill bits) Ideas And more…   

What if there is an accident? If there is an immediate danger to life, health or property: CALL 911 If necessary, pull a fire alarm station located at each exit door and evacuate the entire building. Fire extinguishers and exit lights are located through out the building as required by building codes. First Aid Kits are located by the West Room safety cabinet, by the Front Lobby Restrooms, and the Meeting Room. After the situation is under control, please inform the Board of Directors via email at ___________________. A Board Member will need to fill out an accident report form.   

Can I hire you to build something? Short Answer: No one ‘works’ at KCCC we’re all just members, and we are not a business. If you want someone at KCCC to make something for you, or help you make something yourself, your best bet is to contact the board and see if anyone is interested in helping you out. You never know, you might find someone up for a new challenge, or just as excited about your potential project as you are. Long Answer: _________________________ 

Can I host my event at the Makerspace? If you are a member you may host a club meeting once a month. Attendance of more than 10 people should be scheduled one month in advance.  If you are not a member, or your event includes the public, please contact the governing board 

Can I bring my pet into the space? Only certified assistance animals   Can I borrow tools from the space? 

Borrowing tools from the space (and taking them out of the space) is typically discouraged. When a tool or piece of equipment leaves the space, other members at the space cannot use it. There are exceptions of course, but overall you should avoid taking tools from the space to use at home, at work, or elsewhere. If you really need to borrow something with the intent of removing it from space, you should contact the Board of Directors to discuss the matter and state your case. (Note that if a tool is own by an individual member they have final say about borrowing of the tool.) 

Can I manufacture a firearm or firearm parts at KCCC? No!!!

I still have more questions! Email KCCC or a board member