KCCC Rules

● Leave work areas cleaner than you found them

● Share and share alike

● Respect other members’ feelings and belief systems

● No pets. ADA certified service animals are allowed

● No abusive or foul language

● Report broken or damaged tools right away so they can be

fixed or replaced as fast as possible

● Abide by all safety procedures and rules

● Do not leave running machines unattended

● Do not let any non-member in KCCC without signing a

visitor agreement

● Refer all concerns to appropriate staff members (see

contact list)

● In case of medical emergency or severe physical injury,

call 911 immediately

● No firearms, weapons, or explosives allowed

● No smoking, drugs, or alcohol

● Members are responsible for replacement of consumable

materials, or bringing their own

● All project/crafts must be put away in member rented

studios or tubs each day before leaving the building,

unless specially marked with Board approval. Items left

out will be considered public use.